Wormall NZ Ltd
Manufacturers of Polyethylene Sewer
products for Civil Infrastructure

Introducing a range of products as new
and innovative as the Wormall Smart
Sewer System is a difficult proposition.
Although the majority of councils throughout
New Zealand are experiencing problems of
ground water ingress and root intrusion,
they are resistant to change, as there
has been no viable alternative to what
is currently used. As can be imagined,
they want to see what is on offer.

An agent in Wellington had a contractor who was keen to try Wormalls products and asked to meet with the Porirua City Council to demonstrate. This involved a 3 day round trip; 2 nights accommodation, 1800km road user charges, 3 tanks of fuel, meals etc, and another day in Auckland trying to arrange some other meetings to make the trip worthwhile.

A full set of 3D Print models of parts was produced and packaged in a briefcase. A plane flight was now the best transport option.
The models could be assembled to exactly replicate what would happen with the actual product.


  • Thousands of dollars of travel expenses savings
  • Two days of time savings
  • Very cost effective to make changes to the
    design to satisfy council and resubmit

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