KTL Technologies

KTL Technologies are a design and production company
focused on energy efficient products and their design team
consists of the unlikely combination of an architect as a
product designer and two electronics engineers.
A common problem they experience is the actual physical
issues of cable runs and physical testing of light output
through various media which cannot be real world tested
without a physical component. Their design work is heavily
computerized but there is no substitute for having a real
article for trial.


The reality of constructing a
component for evaluation as an
LED power exit light involves the
design and manufacture of
extrusions, light guides and
graphics, printed circuit boards
and end caps - all able to
be mounted to a variety
of walls or ceilings.

The parts required for the valuation exercise were three-fold; printed
circuit boards and components,
acrylic and vinyl light guides
and metal extrusions.



“The ability to have 3D Prints of the the extrusions was vital prior to
commitment to dies and the remarkable accuracy and service of
3D Print Ltd enabled us to proceed with testing and later manufacture.
The strength of the parts was remarkable, and the ability to sand and finish
the units helped visually and tactilely.”


For the full article, please download 3D Print Case Studies 2

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