Diocesan School

The Board of Governors of Diocesan School have
undertaken a major school property development.
The project named ‘Dig Deep’ starts with a
magnificent state of the art swimming pool complex,
a much needed all weather artificial turf and an
underground carpark.


The Diocesan School Board called us
into a series of meetings with their
architects and fund raising committee
to do an assessment of their needs.
Their objective is to get parents and
friends to make a philanthropic gift
at a level they feel able.

As a result of these meetings, it was decided we would build a solid
model of the indoor swimming pool complex, design a 3D version
of the hockey pitch and underground carpark, and put together
a fly-through of the total finished development. The originating
designs were supplied by the architect as 2D plans and artists
impressions. From these documents our inhouse designers put
together a 3D file of the various buildings. The models were built
and the fly-throughs were made.

All the work that 3D Print completed for Diocesan School was
used for a presentation evening that launched their fund raising
campaign. The attendees were wowed by both the model and
the fly-through. One week after the presentation evening had
been held, the fund raising had been successful to the tune of
$1,012,000 - well on the way to their $3M target.

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