Britomart - ARTNL

The ARTNL had requirements to train their staff in Evacuation Procedures should
any event occur inside the Britomart tunnel, ranging from a breakdown to a fire.

To train a number of staff at once requires work parties to descend into the tunnel,
after cessation of train journeys late in the evening.

3D Print Limited was provided with a set of plans for the tunnel. We then walked through
the tunnel after hours taking photographs of all the relevant data required for training.
Our in-house designers then designed a a 3D model utilising the 2D plans and the photographs
for reference. This file was then used to build a physical colour model utilising 3D print technology.
The model of the tunnel measured 1.25m long and was to scale of 1:400.

The model had the roof removed so visually, people had both
overhead and side views of the tunnel. The tunnel model could
now be displayed on a table in the board or training room.
A group of ten or more employees could stand around the
model looking into the wall and ground level of the tunnel.Tunnel


The model showed the following details:

  • The tracks
  • Safety, directional and distance signage on the walls
  • Positioning of overhead circulation and extraction fans
  • Colour coding of tunnel zones
  • Ladders
  • Water pipes positioned on walls
  • Escape stairwells
  • The incline of the tunnel ground level

Clients Comments
“The 3D Print model has been extremely useful as a tool to aide simulation.
It has allowed us to complement our on-site training in a convenient environment.
This has allowed our training to be more productive and efficient, rather than by only
having the option of taking staff and wider groups into a fullycommitted operational environment.

Ray Steele, Manager -Britomart and Stations

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