Pete Bossley

This spectacular home was designed
by Pete Bossley Architects and
clearly shows how 3D print brought
his vision to life.

This is a breathtaking example of
how a 3D CAD file can quickly and
easily become a home.

Artists impressions and computer generated graphics have been a
great help for clients, trying to build
their dream home from plan drawings.
A lot of people find reading plans extremely difficult and require the architect to guide them through
what they are seeing.

Modelling has always been the best
way to show exactly what the designer has conceived, but has traditionally
been a long and expensive process
that could only incorporate a
certain level of detail.

3D Print has revolutionised this process saving
the architect, and therfore the client time and money.

This model was delivered within 48 hours of receiving
the CAD file. When presented to the client they could
clearly see how their new home was going to look.

Models produced at various stages can radically
influence your clients decision when they presented
with different concepts. Models with full design detail
will follow as the design really begins to take shape
and important decisions need to be made.

Both the client and architect benefit from the overall ease
of the design presentation,
and the time saving of trying
to interpret conventional plans.

Even the builder can benefit from seeing the house before its built, leaving nothing to
the imagination.




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