Alto Packaging Ltd
Kiwifruit Packaging / Thermoforming

Alto Packaging, have their own Innovation and Technology division.
Their purpose is to pursue new methods of manufacturing that
utilise the benefits of innovative technology. In paricular, Alto were
looking for new ways to develop the prototyping for their packaging
containers and once satisfied that designs are correct, improving
the speed of their tool manufacturing.

3D printed moulds and patterns are ideal for
prototyping new thermoform design and concepts.
In this case 3D Print took on the job of prototyping
packaging for kiwifruit for Alto Packaging.
This exercise proved very successful and a
number of benefits for Alto were identified.Benefits

  • The number of samples that can be made is unlimited.
  • The moulds can easily be scaled to allow for casting
    shrinkage, so the final product is accurate to design criteria.
  • The final product can then also be used as a foundry
    pattern for direct casting of the tool that ultimately is used
    for the production run.
  • Moulds generated by 3D Print are accurate to scale and
    can be surface finished to a high standard.
  • The patterns can be turned around in 48 hours.

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