Alto Packaging Ltd
Bottle Designs

With 8 specialist plants in New Zealand and over 800 employees
in Australia and New Zealand, Alto Packaging is New Zealand’s
largest rigid plastic moulding company. Alto considers design to be
second only to hygiene, safety and security in terms of importance.

Tooling manufacture for bottle production is a very expensive
process and errors made inevitably mean expensive fixes or
even starting again. Alto was able to see that a prototype printed
using 3D Print technology was a low cost check that the files
used for later tooling manufacturing were accurate and free from
complication. In other words the prototypes are a test that form and
fit are accurate.

By utilising 3D Print technology Alto has been able to gain
further benefits from their prototypes. The new designs can
be printed in colour with labels included as part of the build
process. This has meant the marketing department has had
the opportunity to show the clients the finished look
before tools are even built.

Alto has gained 2 key benefits:

  • A low cost check that the final product built from files is
    free from errors.
  • Each time a 3D Print rapid prototype has been used Alto has in
    turn managed to secure the order.
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