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February 2007


Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first newsletter of 2007 from 3D Print Ltd. We hope you enjoy our regular updates keeping you informed about developments in this emerging industry.


Did you see the Dec/Jan issue of Pro Design magazine?

It had a feature on Rapid Prototyping and in there explained many of the benefits of using 3D print technology for pre-tooling to iron out bugs and testing shape and form. If you would like to read this article we have it in pdf format. Contact rick@3dprint.co.nz and we will email it through.


Why are Architects using
3D Print Models?

Architects Pete Bossley and Paul Francis have told us there are a number of key reasons why they are using 3D Print models:

  • They provide a check on the visualisation to the architect.
  • They assist with development of the design.
  • They provide a communication to the client.
  • They are useful as an urban design tool for resource consents.

In the case of property developments they are also being used as marketing tools to sell the development.

A recent model built for
one of Pete Bossley’s projects.

This really is an amazing model but unfortunately the photograph really doesn’t do it justice. Please feel free to contact Rick and he will be only too happy to show you a replica which Pete Bossley has kindly allowed us to showcase. Webpage >>


Who else is using
3D Print Prototypes?

In the last couple of months projects have been undertaken for plastics and packaging companies assisting with prototyping of their new designs. We have delivered prototypes ranging in design from perfume, beer and orange juice, to honey and dishwashing liquid. At this stage of design the projects are invariably confidential so no photographs are available.

  • Archway Models have been using us for some of the detailed houses and boats that are included in larger scale models of Whitianga Waterways.
  • Diocesan School have commissioned us to produce them a model of their new Swimming Pool development which they will in turn use as a marketing tool for their fundraising activities.

For other projects completed or on the go have a look at


Who are 3D Print?

3D print was setup in the first half of 2006 to provide a bureau service for Rapid Modelling & Prototyping. We brought together the skills of 3 partners and the newly released technology of the ZCorp 510 inkjet printer the first of this model in New Zealand.
Our partners include:

  • Peter Dawson owner of The Colour Box - a specialist inkjet printing company of 12 years
  • Martin Brewer a software specialist formally of Aarque Graphics, the supplier of the ZCorp machine
  • Rick Keesing a sales specialist formerly from the marine and
    construction industries

Together we have spent 6 months eliminating the pitfalls and now we have mastered this process.

We can show you how to save time and save money by eliminating doubts and errors earlier in the design process. We can show you
how to save time and make money by using models for
marketing purposes.


What’s new at 3D Print?

3D Modelling Software has been around for some years now but there are many customers who don’t necessarily have the skill base or application software required for designing their projects in a format suitable for building a physical model.

To this end 3D Print can now offer a comprehensive inhouse service that will take the project from photographs or 2D plans or concepts to a finished model in colour if required.

For an example of a start to finish project
have a look at the Britomart Tunnel on http://www.3dprint.co.nz/success/Britomart_01.html


Further Information

about our Rapid Modelling and Prototyping
services please contact us:

Phone Rick, Peter or Martin on 09 415 8534

8a Piermark Drive
Albany, Auckland