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May 2007   



 Some exciting developments have continued over the last couple
 of months at 3D Print. In this newsletter we are profiling our entry
 into pattern making for the tooling industry and we summarise our  involvement in the Diocesan School Dig Deep Project
 - a fundraising  launch for a major new sports development.


e Book

Firstly, as a result of repeated requests we have determined the need to have some sort of information available online that describes what we can do and what type of markets are likely to have applications for our 3D technology. To access this ebook. Click here>>


How we helped
Body Armour develop
their headgear
tooling in time for
the Rugby World Cup

Body Armour Ltd are the manufacturer of Canterbury protective
wear for rugby players. They came up with a new design and commissioned  3D Print to help them with their tooling.
3D Print developed an 8 step process.

1.       Assessment of the situation and analysed work
undertaken to date.

2.       Redrew the tooling using our in house 3D CAD designers.

3.       Printed a flexible proof or prototype of what the tools
would produce when they are in production.

4.       The prototype was checked for errors and the tooling
drawings were altered to suit.

5.       Solid patterns were printed using 3D Print technology.

6.       The patterns were delivered to a foundry partner for the
tools to be cast in aluminium.

7.       The aluminium tools were delivered to the machine
shop for mounting and guides to be installed.

8.       The punch and die set is operating as per requirements
and the Canterbury headgear is in full production.

The true benefit for Body Armour was that since 3D Print got
involved in this project they are able to deliver on-time their international pre-sales of the headgear.


How 3D Print assisted Diocesan School
in their quest to
raise $3 million

The Board of Governors of Diocesan School have undertaken a major
property development of the school. It consists of a new pool
complex, a new artificial turf for sports and an underground car park.
The role of 3D Print was to use our in house designers to design and
build a model of the swimming pool complex from a 2D drawing
supplied by the architect. We then used that model and some
photographs to develop a fly-through of the school showing its new developments as they would appear in-situ. To see the flythrough,
please visit http://www.digdeep.co.nz/flythrough.htm

The work that 3D Print completed was then used for a major
function when the school launched its fund-raising efforts.
The model was displayed in a showcase and the fly-through
was shown on a big screen.
To date the funds raised are in excess of $1,000,000.

To understand these 2 intriguing studies in more detail please
download our 2nd edition case study book from the website.
Click Here >>


What Next?

Look out for our display stand at the NZ Institute of Architects conference in Wellington.

3D Print is a finalist in the Innovation in Printing Category at the
Pride and Print Awards. June 15th 2007 Christchurch.


What's new at 3D Print?

We are currently undertaking research and development with
Alto Packaging to determine the suitability of 3D Printing for thermoforming patterns. So far the trials have produced some very encouraging results.

For further information please contact:
Rick Keesing : rick@3dprint.co.nz
Martin Brewer : martin@3dprint.co.nz
Peter Dawson : peter@3dprint.co.nz



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